Babayú Aye: Cómo atenderle, oración y ofrendas

Babayú Aye is one of the most revered and respected orishas of the Yoruba religion.

If you are in this world of santería, or are thinking of becoming part of it, you need to know this orisha, so read this post carefully as we will tell you everything you need to know.

Who is Babayú Aye

Babayú Aye is represented in everything that takes life, as in a mushroom that kills a tree or in a weed that ends with a garden.

And it is that Babalu Aye is the orisha of diseases, plagues and miseries.

Many also know him as the deity of smallpox, leprosy, epidemics, skin affections and venereal diseases. And his name means «father of the world».

However, all this is not what makes this Orisha highly revered and respected among the Babalawos.

What makes him a greater Orisha is his power to be the only one who can change everything he represents. It is only he who can set aside a disease, an epidemic or a skin condition.Babayú Aye

In syncretism Babalu Aye is an Orisha compared to San Lazaro .

His number is 17 and all multiples of this, his color is the purple bishop, his day is Friday and he greets with «Jekúa Babalu Ayé Agrónica».

How to serve Babayú Aye

The first thing to know is that Babalú Aye , also known as Asojano, is usually received with a clay tureen in which his secrets are kept.

It should be kept away from sunlight and should be covered with a semicircular lid on which the immolations are placed.

It can also be received with two goat leather bracelets, decorated with 7 snails and Orisha beads; or a broom made of dried palm or coconut palm branches, decorated with snails.

This Orisha is attended to at night, which is when he prefers to leave so as not to feel that his skin burns with the sun’s rays of Olorun; and he can be asked for a miracle of healing or for relief from discomforts in the body that take place in an inexplicable way.

To make a prayer to Babayu Aye, first he is greeted and then asked with faith, not only a miracle but also protection, consolation and strength to cope with the health circumstance that is going through.

Offerings to Babayú Aye

The offerings for Babalú Ayé are diverse, the only important thing to consider is that the only water to offer is the coconut water.

Beyond this, in detail, this orisha is offered toasted corn, burnt bread, dry wine, fish, green coconuts, grains or onions.

You can also immolate goats (that have a beard), chickens, roosters or pigeons.

Finally, their ewe are sargasso, cundeamor, alejo male, mugwort, pica pica, incense, millet and copaiba.

In short, Babayú Aye, San Lázaro in Santería, is not difficult to attend. With a good prayer, Babayú Aye will be able to grant us various favors.

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